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Get 86 million rupees by deposit 20 rupees daily, this plan is very profitable

In this era of inflation it becomes difficult to fulfill the wishes of your family.  Many times we save money but for some reason they are spent.  Even after working hard throughout the day, when there is no money in hand for the time of need, it is very sad.  Banks are also reducing interest on fixed deposits (FD).  In such a situation, we are going to tell you such a plan today, through which you can invest just Rs 20 and deposit Rs 86 lakh.  Many rich people have also invested in this plan.  Let's know where and how much you will have to invest for this.
Get 86 million rupees by depositing 20 rupees daily
Get 86 million rupees by depositing 20 rupees daily
If you invest 20 rupees a day or Rs 600 a month in a mutual fund, then you can get a fund of 86 lakh rupees in just 30 years.  In many mutual funds, investors have received 18% returns in a year.  If you invest Rs 600 every month in SIP for 30 years and keep getting 18% return every year, then you will have Rs 86 lakh.  In the next slide, you know how much money you will make.

 In this plan, you invest two lakh 16 thousand rupees, while according to the return of 18 percent, you will get about 86 lakh rupees after 30 years.  This way you will make a big profit.  Let us know in which SIP you will get good returns.

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how to work SIP

 You can also take advantage of compounding by investing in a SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, that is, your profit of the first month gets added to your next month's principal, which increases your investment and also your profit.  The longer you invest in SIP, the more benefit you can get.  So investing through SIP for a long time helps you in accumulating wealth.

 SIP is an easy and reliable way to invest regularly, under which you can invest up to Rs 500 per month.  Meaning you can fulfill your dreams without any extra burden on your monthly expenses.  Even if the investment amount is small, SIP is an easy system to accumulate funds gradually in the long run

What is life insurance? 10 Benefits for Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract, which provides financial security to themselves and their loved ones.
What is life insurance
What is life insurance
Life insurance helps in future economic disaster.

person is not alone, he has a family of his own, every person in the family has dreams.

In today's environment, in case of calamity, relatives also leave matters of financial support to the family.

The same life insurance policy is ready to support their loved ones.

Life insurance is a simple means of realizing one's dreams and oneself.

Life insurance can make dreams come true, according to dreams, whether or not a person lives on taking a life insurance policy, life insurance fulfills the responsibility of realizing their dreams.

Life insurance is considered to be the best means of saving, life insurance starts with one point, each drop slowly takes the form of a pitcher,

After the time period is over, the same pitcher is returned.

 Life insurance has been considered the best tool for protection with 10 savings.
 In the USA, it is compulsory for every person to have life insurance, where people go and get insurance,
 Are we aware about insurance, did we do it ??
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