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Why buy health insurance policy? 4 important reasons

Many people save well. They also invest continuously. Despite this, they do not consider health policy necessary. The reason for this is that as long as everything is going well in life, we do not feel the need for mediclaim. However, there is no inference about health.
buy health insurance policy
buy health insurance policy
Sickness does not knock the bell. Many times a person gets a lot of his savings when he suddenly falls ill. Mediclaim proves to be very helpful for you in this type of situation. Therefore every person should take mediclaim. Let's try to know more about it.

What is health insurance?

health insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company. In this, you pay a premium and instead the insurance company gives you the expenses of treatment according to the amount already fixed in case of any illness.

Let us tell you what are the health insurance policy benefits?

1. Low premium
If you are young and physically fit, then you get a health policy at a very nominal premium. When your age increases, there is a risk of deteriorating health, according to that the premium of health policy also increases.

2.Income Tax Savings
On paying the premium of a health policy, you are able to save income tax on the premium of Rs 25000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

3. No waiting period
Most health policies have a waiting period. Meaning, after purchasing a health policy, you cannot claim to get the money for the treatment of the disease for a few days. The waiting period is generally 30 days. If you take a health policy at a young age, you will no longer need to complete the formalities of the waiting period.

When you need to claim the amount for treatment in a health policy, by then your period will be over.

4. Chop interference
If you buy health policy, you will be able to live a life without worry. If you find out that you have a disease and you will go to get a health policy then it can be difficult to buy a health policy at that time. You can take a health policy while being healthy.

In fact, in today's age, health policy is as important as everything else. If you go to an advisor to make a financial plan, then they advise you to buy a life and health insurance policy first. It helps in treating your illness without touching your savings made according to the financial goal.

Health policy Choose not to close your eyes. Focus on all the options, compare the premium and choose a better health policy for yourself.
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