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Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

two-wheeler motorbikes are the most convenient and easy way to travel anywhere in the country. Being a majority place among the public, two wheelers are widely preferred as a means of transport in India. Therefore, the number of people holding two wheelers is very high.
Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance
However, awareness of insurance of bikes and other two-wheelers is very disappointing. The truth is that this looseness in perspective is not just about two wheeler insurance, but about all types of riding property. If it was not mandatory to keep insurance papers as an important document, then no one would focus more on it.

But ignorance aside, it is important to state here that protecting vehicles and bikes with an insurance cover is necessary for many reasons.

First of all it helps you to be prepared in advance for any unfortunate event or accident. No person is capable of anticipating these unfortunate events in advance. Therefore it is wise to be prepared for all difficulties.

reliance two wheeler insurance renewal

Talking about being vigilant and having complete knowledge about an insurance policy, it is necessary to be equipped with a good and compressive two wheeler insurance package in every way. And the only service provider for such insurance assistance is Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance.

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reliance bike insurance renewal

A part of Reliance Capital, Reliance Insurance provides cover in non-life insurance areas such as two wheeler, four wheeler and other insurance general elements. It is one of the leading companies in general insurance business.

Coverage limit given under Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance policies

A simple insurance plan under Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance provides cover for the eventual onset of loss or damage caused by accidents or other causes. Apart from this, cover is not only provided for the payment of additional expenses incurred due to losses, but also for any owner or third party liability.

Therefore, this plan also provides you protection against losses or losses due to these reasons: -

Natural disasters like

to fill water

Man-made disasters such as

Damage while transporting by road, rail, air or lift
Burn yourself
Malicious act
Riots or other social disturbances
Fire accidents

Which aspects are not covered under the plan

Many exceptions have been placed by the insurance service provider. In the event of the following events, the person receiving the insurance cannot claim compensation for any loss. These exceptions are: -

Electrical or mechanical malfunction
Normal breakdown and wear of vehicle
Use of vehicle outside the limits set by the company
Driving a vehicle by an unqualified driver i.e. a person without a valid driving license
Damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
Loss due to depreciation in vehicle price.

The latter losses are not included in the coverage i.e. the loss caused by the loss. In this case, only the original damage is covered.

Mandatory deduction amounts cannot be claimed by the insurer. This means a fixed amount that is reduced when taking a bike or scooter claim.
Types of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Policies
There are two types of two wheeler insurance policies of Reliance.

One is the package policy and the other is the third party liability only policy.

Third party liability only policy is mandated by law. It covers the damage done to a third party or his vehicle by an insured vehicle. The third party can claim the loss of two wheeler like a four wheeler. But an insured person cannot take a claim for the damage done to his vehicle or himself.

The Package Policy is a Comprehensive Insurance Plan which includes all aspects of the Third Party Liability Only Policy as well as the features of the General Insurance Plan.

 Therefore, it is called a package policy. Under this plan, the insured person gets protection against all kinds of damage or damage to himself or the vehicle.

Benefits of reliance two wheeler insurance

The initial features available in the policy are:
Purchased policies efficiently and easily. Customers have the facility to buy the plan online. Therefore, you can buy policies online and pay premiums using Paytm, NetBanking and plastic cards.

The paper work involved in buying the policy is very well organized. So there is no hassle or delay in getting your vehicle insured.

There are no deficiencies or problems in the claim settlement process. It is easy and damages and damages are repaid immediately.

Cashless claims are available on garages that are part of the company's exclusive garage network that the company has selected.

The premium is calculated with the help of the vehicle's insured declared value. Different service providers calculate the IDV of vehicles in different ways. So the premium may be different in different companies. The amount of premium calculated is in direct proportion to the insured declared value.

reliance two wheeler insurance Extra cover

It is possible to make a policy according to your need and budget. The basic features of the policy can be extended by adding some more features to the policy. Of course additional premium is required to get such additional features.

So two optional additional covers that can be added to the policy are

Neal Depreciation Cover:
By increasing the premium amount a little more, you can take additional cover of the Neal Depreciation Policy. This is in relation to zero deduction based on policy depreciation. This means the insured's claim will be paid in full without any deduction. In the case of a large claim, in which the claim amount may be very high, this feature can prove to be very beneficial.

The features of this cover are -
Vehicle parts made of rubber, nylon or fiberglass will be covered.

Coverage is also available for vehicles that are two years old or less.

Rubber accessories such as tubes and tires are not covered under this additional cover.
Theft claims and constructive total loss are not covered.
Payment is made only if the vehicle is repaired in one of the network garages fixed by the company.

Spare parts of the vehicle that are not approved by the insurer will be thrown away and will not be included in the terms of the insurance.

Personal Accident Bundle Cover
This policy provides financial protection in the event of death or permanent total disability. Claims are accepted regardless of where the accident occurred or who was driving the vehicle.

The amount of the claim may vary depending on the amount of damage.

The capital invested is Rs 5 lakh.
In case of death or permanent total disability, loss of sight of two eyes or loss of two limbs or loss of sight of one eye and loss of one limb, 100% compensation is done. There is a 50% compensation for loss of sight or loss of a limb.

It is very important to get an additional cover as it is not part of any original insurance cover.
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