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    Get 86 million rupees by deposit 20 rupees daily, this plan is very profitable

    In this era of inflation it becomes difficult to fulfill the wishes of your family.  Many times we save money but for some reason they are spent.  Even after working hard throughout the day, when there is no money in hand for the time of need, it is very sad.  Banks are also reducing interest on fixed deposits (FD).  In such a situation, we are going to tell you such a plan today, through which you can invest just Rs 20 and deposit Rs 86 lakh.  Many rich people have also invested in this plan.  Let's know where and how much you will have to invest for this.
    Get 86 million rupees by depositing 20 rupees daily
    Get 86 million rupees by depositing 20 rupees daily
    If you invest 20 rupees a day or Rs 600 a month in a mutual fund, then you can get a fund of 86 lakh rupees in just 30 years.  In many mutual funds, investors have received 18% returns in a year.  If you invest Rs 600 every month in SIP for 30 years and keep getting 18% return every year, then you will have Rs 86 lakh.  In the next slide, you know how much money you will make.

     In this plan, you invest two lakh 16 thousand rupees, while according to the return of 18 percent, you will get about 86 lakh rupees after 30 years.  This way you will make a big profit.  Let us know in which SIP you will get good returns.

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    how to work SIP

     You can also take advantage of compounding by investing in a SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, that is, your profit of the first month gets added to your next month's principal, which increases your investment and also your profit.  The longer you invest in SIP, the more benefit you can get.  So investing through SIP for a long time helps you in accumulating wealth.

     SIP is an easy and reliable way to invest regularly, under which you can invest up to Rs 500 per month.  Meaning you can fulfill your dreams without any extra burden on your monthly expenses.  Even if the investment amount is small, SIP is an easy system to accumulate funds gradually in the long run

    What does not cover in home insurance

    Everyone does insurance of cars and bikes, but when it comes to home insurance, most people do not consider it necessary.  While home is our biggest economic investment.  By ensuring home insurance, we ensure the safety of our home and belongings.  You get protection from financial loss in case of natural disaster or theft.  Learn what are the benefits of home insurance…
    What does not cover in home insurance
    What does not cover in home insurance

    What is covered in home insurance

     Insurance companies offer home insurance policies for the home and interiors.  The policy covers building structures and home furnishings.  The insurance company bears the repair costs if the building structure is damaged.  Similarly, the policy also covers compensation for fire, explosion, lightning, theft, flood, storm, cyclone, terrorism, riots, strike, landslide, leakage, earthquake and other natural calamities.  However, many things depend on the policy taker what he wants to cover in insurance.  Insurance companies do not insure property for more than 50 years.  If you are living in a rented house, then you must get the goods insured.

     This is how premium is fixed

    The insurance company decides the amount of insurance cover and premium based on the property's construction quality and built-up area (per square foot).  Property size, type of construction, geographical location, goods inside the property, etc. are also important in deciding the premium of home insurance.  The insurance company charges higher premiums from policy holders in areas affected by floods or earthquakes.

     Home insurance companies

    Companies like ICICI-Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, General Insurance Company, IFFCO-Tokyo, National Insurance Company, New India Insurance, Oriental Insurance offer home insurance policies.

     Follow these methods for a low premium

    A policy should always be taken for a long time to pay a lower premium.  This gives a discount in premium and there is no problem of renewing it.  There is a discount of up to 50% in premium for taking insurance for several years.  For low premium payment, you can get information about the policy online.

     What does not cover in home insurance

    Home insurance is not covered under war insurance, intentional sabotage, land shifting around property, loss of property document, loss of antiquities, etc.  Even in cases like civil war, nuclear weapons, loss of domestic help, the insurance company does not compensate.

     Take care of them in the choice of the company

    Before taking home insurance from the insurance company, be sure to check the status of the claim settlement.  This will give you information about the company's policy and will not face any problem in taking the claim.  Never decide to take a policy based on low premium.  This will deprive you of many benefits.

    Understanding Vehicles Insurance | All about Car Auto Insurance

    Car Insurance oh great day you just spent the last eight hours sitting on the beach watching the waves you're all packed up and heading back to the hotel when BAM the guy in front of you slams on his brakes okay no need to worry
    Understanding Vehicles Insurance | All about Car Auto Insurance
    Understanding Vehicles Insurance | All about Car Auto Insurance
    you've got insurance but wait a
    second this isn't your car does your insurance cover rental cars did you make the right decision on rental car insurance the good news is most personal automobile policies extend coverage to rental vehicles covering you for both collision and other than collision

    losses also known as comprehensive
    provided you have those coverages on atl east one vehicle on your auto policy
    typically your policy is comprehensive
    and collision coverages will extend to
    you and other members of your household

    who are operating the rental car however
    if you don't have full coverage on at
    least one vehicle on your personal auto
    policy you may need to look into
    purchasing the rental companies
    collision damage waiver or CDW
    when people use that term they often
    mean a combination of various types of
    coverage but full coverage doesn't
    actually exist

    don't worry though plenty of auto
    insurance options do exist to help
    protect you let's talk about a few cause
    an accident liability coverage is
    designed to cover injuries or damage to
    another person or their property in an
    accident you caused hmm what about your

    car if you've caused an accident
    collision coverage can help pay for your
    vehicles damage maybe your car's damaged

    but not from a wreck if your car's
    stolen or if something falls on it
    that's where comprehensive coverage
    comes in uh-oh an uninsured driver
    rear-ended your car don't worry
    uninsured and underinsured motorist
    property damage coverage may help in
    that scenario medical payments coverage

    or personal injury protection may help
    pay for medical bills and other costs if
    someone gets hurt

    worried about your new car getting
    totaled right after you buy it you'll
    want to check out new car replacement
    coverage let's say your car is in the
    shop for repairs after you get into an
    accident covered by your policy that's
    when rental car reimbursement coverage

    would be helpful and if you're looking
    to be as protected as possible there are
    even more optional coverages to choose
    from so to recap there are several kinds
    of auto insurance coverage you can
    select including liability coverage
    collision coverage comprehensive
    coverage uninsured and underinsured
    motorist coverage medical payments
    coverage personal injury protection new

    car replacement coverage rental car reimbursement and more

    getting the right car insurance is a bit
    more involved in finding the lowest
    price it's important that you get the
    right coverage for your situation and
    first you need to understand what's
    available there are five main categories
    or types of auto insurance coverage
    let's go through them liability coverage
    is the most common because almost every state requires you to carry some minimum amount in order to drive legally

    liability coverage pays for the damage
    you caused in an accident when you are
    at fault

    specifically liability coverage will pay
    for bodily injuries and property damage
    of others
    remember that liability insurance does
    not cover any of your damages it
    protects others from damage you caused
    and also protects you financially
    without it you can be on the hook for
    the entire cost of an accident
    out-of-pocket collision coverage is the
    second most common type of car insurance
    coverage it will pay for damages to your
    car from an accident even if you were at
    fault as the name implies collision
    coverage pays for damage incurred when

    you're driving and collide with another
    object no losses from non crash stuff
    like that or weather damage are not
    covered by your collision insurance for
    those things you'll need something
    comprehensive coverage kicks in to cover
    losses that are totally out of your
    control like collision coverage
    comprehensive coverage is optional it
    will protect you from losses due to fire
    vandalism theft hitting an animal or
    damage caused by certain natural
    disasters but comprehensive coverage
    won't cover everything for example most
    policies will not cover damage due to
    freezing even though it's
    weather-related comprehensive coverage
    usually doesn't cover breakdowns either
    you should find out what is excluded
    before purchasing comprehensive coverage
    is often more attractive to drivers of a
    new or expensive vehicle some lenders
    may even require comprehensive coverage
    as a condition of financing or vehicle
    to recap we've gone over liability
    insurance which covers damage you do to
    others collision insurance which covers
    crash related damages to your car
    and comprehensive insurance which covers
    certain unpredictable damages to your
    car but what about injuries suffered by
    you or your passengers if you weren't at
    the other drivers liability coverage
    should pay for your damages but you can
    purchase your own medical coverage for
    additional protection medical coverage
    is usually optional but certain no-fault
    states will require you to buy a form of
    it called personal injury protection the
    personal injury protection is also known
    as no-fault insurance because like
    medical coverage it will pay the costs
    of treating your injuries regardless of
    who is at fault in impacts
    finally uninsured or underinsured
    motorist coverage will protect you
    against the risk of being hit by an
    uninsured or underinsured driver it's
    estimated that almost 15% of American
    drivers do not carry the legal minimum
    amount of car insurance as required by
    their state if you are hit by one of
    these people you won't be able to
    collect from a liability policy they
    don't have uninsured motorist coverage
    will pay for your medical expenses and
    lost wages many states now require
    uninsured motorist coverage for bodily
    injury but you might have the option to
    purchase it for property damage as well
    underinsured coverage kicks in when your
    head and your damages and expenses
    exceed the limits of the at fault
    drivers liability coverage when you're
    shopping for an auto insurance policy
    make sure you know exactly what you're
    getting and why find out what is covered
    what is excluded what you need to stay
    legal and what you need to stay
    protected financially
    road-test past time to drive off into
    the sunset right not quite
    first there's the auto insurance to sort
    out and when you're a young driver
    getting on the road for the first time
    it can be pretty tricky to find an
    affordable policy the fact is as a whole
    young drivers have more accident
    so insurers charge more because of the
    higher risk but are all young drivers
    really the same at ? Our ingenie we don't
    think so we believe you should pay based
    on how you actually drive not how the
    statistics say you might drive so that's
    what we do we give you savings for being
    a good driver and just so it's
    absolutely fair those who don't drive
    well could see their billing increase
    how does it work at first we send you our
    ingenie smart box to install in your
    car this collects data on things like
    speed braking accelerating and cornering
    we then build up an accurate picture of
    your driving style so you can understand
    the kind of driver you are we're not
    that interested in where you were last
    Tuesday 2:00 in the morning we're
    interested in how you were driving we
    focus on the trends and patterns in your
    driving but simply how you use the
    pedals and steering wheel every 10 days
    we send you feedback through the
    ingenie mobile app letting you know where you're
    doing well and where you might need to
    improve we'll also update your driving
    score out of 100 and tell you whether
    you're on track to save and how much it
    could be rather than having to wait 12
    months like with traditional insurance
    your billing is reviewed every three
    months and they keeping driving well
    you'll get money off that's the really
    great part you're in control
    the better you drive the better the same
    up to 25 percent off by the end of the
    year sounds good right well there's more
    we also give you an extra discount at
    the end of the year if you've driven
    really well so being a young driver
    doesn't have to mean expensive insurance
    with practical advice to help improve
    your driving we're on your side
    with ingenie driving well means paying
    less get your quote now and see how much
    you could save
    next time you start planning your
    getaway be sure to keep these helpful
    tips in mind so that you can decide the
    best way to handle insurance coverage on
    your rental car ask the rental car
    company about their terms ahead of time
    so you know your financial
    responsibilities in the event of a loss
    be sure to inspect the vehicle before
    leaving the lot and no any damage in
    your rental agreement so you're not
    stuck paying for someone else's mistake
    if you prefer to rely on your own
    personal insurance policy as coverage
    carry a copy of it with you on your trip
    both as proof of insurance and as a
    handy source of the terms of coverage
    most importantly contact your
    independent insurance agent they can
    guide you and making sure your rental
    vehicle is properly insured so you can
    travel you

    How to buy the right term insurance plan?

    Some lessons are difficult to learn.  This should not happen in the case of your insurance policy.  Your life insurance cover must be big enough to cover all outstanding liabilities and future goals.  Some other aspects of the policy also need attention.  For example, when you need the policy the most, then its period should not end.  Do not make mistakes that can lead to a claim being rejected.  After losing their loved ones, nothing can be more shocking for the family.  Here we are going to tell some important things, which should be kept in mind while buying a term insurance plan.
    How to buy the right term insurance plan?
    How to buy the right term insurance plan?

    Give correct information

     Trust is the foundation of an insurance contract.  It is based on this principle.  If the insurance company finds out that the policy holder has given incorrect information in the form, then the existence of this contract ends.  Premium is low for non-smokers.  But, if you smoke, do not forget to tick 'No' in the application form.

     Claims may be later rejected by concealing something in relation to habits or medical conditions.  If you smoke or drink alcohol, then mention it.  If you have a history of diabetes in your family, then tell them.  Do not hide the truth.  This will increase the premium slightly, but the purpose of insurance will remain.  The claim will also not be endangered.  Remember that every year about 2 percent of life insurance claims are rejected.

     Insist on getting a medical test

     Term plans are very high-value covers.  Therefore, companies usually conduct a comprehensive medical test of buyers before issuing a policy.  In some cases companies do not insist on medical tests.  She only asks the buyer to declare good health.  This thing can work against the person buying the policy.  In case of untimely death, the company can say that the buyer lied about his health.  He was a victim of illness even before buying the policy.

     If the buyer goes through the process of medical examination, then the entire responsibility falls on the company and the doctor who tests it.  Then the company is no longer in a position to dispute the insurance claim with the policyholder's nominee.  Therefore, only take the policy of the company that does the complete medical test.

     Don't just look at the price

     Pure term plan is the cheapest option of life insurance.  The reason is that there is no investment component in it.  One can buy a cover of Rs 1 crore for Rs 8,000-10,000 annually.  But low premium alone should not be the reason for decision making.  Should buy term policy from such insurance company who has a good track record of settling claims.  What does it mean to buy such a cover, which costs Rs 1,000-2,000 less, but you are not sure whether the family will get the claim amount or not.

     Pay attention to the term of the policy
     Term plan saves the family from financial difficulties in case of untimely death of the policy holder.  Therefore the insurance policy should cover the policyholder as long as it works.  It can be from 55 years to 65 years.  In some cases this cover may be even longer.  Generally, a person should take cover for 60-65 years.  There is no use of taking a policy of 15-20 years, which should end only when the policyholder is 50 to 55 years old.  Some companies offer cover ranging from 80 to 95 years.

     Mode of payment of premium
     Once you buy a term plan, 

    do not let it lapse due to missing the renewal premium.  Use the bank's ECS facility to avoid payment of premium.  In this, the fixed amount of premium is deducted from your bank account at the specified time.  There is another option.  Every year you can place a standing order to your credit card issuing bank to pay the premium.  In this way the premium is paid automatically on time.  You only need to pay the credit card bill

    Rental Car Insurance Explained

    When renting a car, the rental company will typically ask if you’d like to purchase insurance coverage for the vehicle.
    It’s at this point when you have to ask yourself a question: Do my personal insurance policies provide coverage
    Rental Car Insurance Explained

    purchase insurance through the rental car agency?

    All though standard auto insurance policies may extend to rented vehicles,
    you should never assume you are protected.

    Examining your own auto insurance policy will
    show you the types of coverage you already possess and where additional coverage may be needed.

    Since auto policies differ, it’s a good rule of thumb to contact your insurance agent
    so they can help you navigate your policy and determine if you have the appropriate amount of coverage when renting a vehicle.

    When deciding whether or not your personal insurance will cover your rental vehicle,
    there are a few different coverages you should have. If you answer yes to all of the following questions,

    you may not need to purchase additional coverage:

    Do you have liability,
    collision or comprehensive car insurance? Liability,

    collision and comprehensive insurance are the three main coverage options available when purchasing car insurance.

    All though it is not always required to purchase all three coverages, 

    they can optimize your protection in the event of an accident.

    Does your policy cover administrative fees, 

    loss of use or towing charges?
    It’s always a good idea to check see whether your insurance company pays for—or provides a rider for—additional fees associated with rental cars.

    This coverage can be helpful if a car you rent is lost, stolen or damaged.

    Do you have a renters or homeowners policy
    that will cover your personal belongings if lost or damaged?

    Your homeowners or renters insurance policy covers your personal belongings from theft,
    fire or vandalism within your home.

    Policies often include off-premises coverage that can extend your coverage to outside your residence. Therefore,

    if personal belongings in your
    vehicle are stolen or damaged,

    your homeowners or renters insurance policy may be able to cover a percentage of your losses.

    Not all insurance carriers will extend coverage to protect personal belongings within your vehicle—always check with your agent to see what your renters or homeowners policy covers.

    Car rental companies provide additional coverage that is often used to supplement insurance
    you already possess.

    Rental car agencies offer four different coverage options:

    1. Supplemental liability insurance:
    Most car rental companies need to have the minimum amount of liability coverage required by the
    state, but oftentimes it isn’t an adequate amount of coverage.

    If you have a personal car insurance policy with a high liability limit, you may not need additional protection.

    2. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)/Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): This is not insurance per se,

    but rather a document that can alleviate your financial responsibility should your rental vehicle be damaged or stolen.

    This also includes loss of use coverage ifnthe rental company charges you for the amount of time the car could not be used while being repaired,

    as well as other administrative
    fees the car rental agency assesses.

    The LDW may become void if the incident occurred from the driver of the rented vehicle exhibiting
    reckless behavior,

    speeding or the vehicle being driven on unpaved roads.

    3. Personal accident insurance:
    This will cover the driver and any passengers within the rented vehicle for any medical bills caused by a car crash.

    This coverage is useful if you do not already have health insurance or personal injury protection insurance.

    4. Personal effects coverage:
    This covers any personal belongings that are stolen from the rental vehicle.

    If you already have renters or homeowners insurance, this may already be covered under your policy.

    The coverages offered are oftentimes the same as what you already have for your personal insurance policy.

    Again, to avoid paying for coverage you already have,

     review your policy before renting a vehicle.

    Many reputable credit card companies offer rental insurance to their customers.

    To utilize this secondary form of coverage,

    you must put the total amount of the car rental on your credit card In many cases,

    youtube thumbnail downloader

    credit card companies will also require you to deny any insurance offered by the car rental agency in order to access
    their coverage.

    In the event that your rental car is in a covered incident,

    the credit card company will help cover costs of damage or theft up to a certain dollar amount.

    Various rental car fees can be covered by your credit card, 

    but this can vary by provider. Before purchasing any additional coverage through the car rental facility,
    call your credit card company to see if your card offers car rental insurance.

    youtube thumbnail downloader

    Since most credit card rental insurance is classified as a secondary form of coverage,

    you may need to rely on your personal auto insurance coverage first.

    Deciding on your rental car coverage can be a tricky endeavor. Before purchasing any extra coverage,
    talk to your insurance agent about your personal auto insurance policy and whether you may need to purchase any additional insurance. No one wants to pay more for their auto insurance,and you shouldn’t have to.
    If you have any questions or are unsure if rental vehicles are covered under your policy,

    How can you save in insurance premium

    about auto insurance

    today we will discuss about auto insurance as per Vehicles Insurance act, every person who own a vehicle, 
    renew insurance online or through an agent is liable get insured you all either buy or renew insurance online or through an agent

    you should take note of one thing, after the expiry of 1st year's insurance but before the renewal that, 

    if you haven't filed or claimed any insurance claim during the previous year then insurance company offers a discount in next year's renewal premium which is called No Claim Bonus or NCB and the rate of this NCB can be ranges from 20% to 50% this NCB applies only on "Own Damage Premium" cover

    auto insurance has types of covers
    auto insurance has two types of covers

    1st is own damage cover
    this insurance covers damages arises due to fire, explosion, earthquakes, floods and theft or terrorism.

    2nd is third party cover
    third party insurance is a statutory requirement and in this cover, 

    all kind of physical injury or property damages caused to third party by you, 

    is covered means it covers your legal liability

    now if you only have taken third party insurance then you won't be able to get NCB now, 

    lets check the slabs of NCB after 1 claim free year you will be eligible to get NCB@20% on Own Damage Premium and you can get upto 50% NCB subject to prior to that previous 4 years you haven't claimed or filed insurance

    let's take an example..
    assume you have a car and its IDV after 1st year is Rs.4 lakh and its own damage premium comes to Rs.12000 and @20% you can save Rs.2400 provided you haven't filed or claimed any claim in the previous year here i would like to tell you one more thing that as and when you renew your vehicles insurance

    please keep in mind that how much IDV you are going to get against the premium you are paying

    assume you have a 2 wheeler for which renewal premium is Rs.900 approx and against that you are going to get only Rs.19000 IDV but it might be possible that some other company in lieu of extra Rs.40-50, offers more IDV cover and, 

    now if you too take care of such small things then you can save some money out of the renewal's insurance

    Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

    two-wheeler motorbikes are the most convenient and easy way to travel anywhere in the country. Being a majority place among the public, two wheelers are widely preferred as a means of transport in India. Therefore, the number of people holding two wheelers is very high.
    Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance
    However, awareness of insurance of bikes and other two-wheelers is very disappointing. The truth is that this looseness in perspective is not just about two wheeler insurance, but about all types of riding property. If it was not mandatory to keep insurance papers as an important document, then no one would focus more on it.

    But ignorance aside, it is important to state here that protecting vehicles and bikes with an insurance cover is necessary for many reasons.

    First of all it helps you to be prepared in advance for any unfortunate event or accident. No person is capable of anticipating these unfortunate events in advance. Therefore it is wise to be prepared for all difficulties.

    reliance two wheeler insurance renewal

    Talking about being vigilant and having complete knowledge about an insurance policy, it is necessary to be equipped with a good and compressive two wheeler insurance package in every way. And the only service provider for such insurance assistance is Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance.

    youtube thumbnail downloader

    reliance bike insurance renewal

    A part of Reliance Capital, Reliance Insurance provides cover in non-life insurance areas such as two wheeler, four wheeler and other insurance general elements. It is one of the leading companies in general insurance business.

    Coverage limit given under Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance policies

    A simple insurance plan under Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance provides cover for the eventual onset of loss or damage caused by accidents or other causes. Apart from this, cover is not only provided for the payment of additional expenses incurred due to losses, but also for any owner or third party liability.

    Therefore, this plan also provides you protection against losses or losses due to these reasons: -

    Natural disasters like

    to fill water

    Man-made disasters such as

    Damage while transporting by road, rail, air or lift
    Burn yourself
    Malicious act
    Riots or other social disturbances
    Fire accidents

    Which aspects are not covered under the plan

    Many exceptions have been placed by the insurance service provider. In the event of the following events, the person receiving the insurance cannot claim compensation for any loss. These exceptions are: -

    Electrical or mechanical malfunction
    Normal breakdown and wear of vehicle
    Use of vehicle outside the limits set by the company
    Driving a vehicle by an unqualified driver i.e. a person without a valid driving license
    Damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
    Loss due to depreciation in vehicle price.

    The latter losses are not included in the coverage i.e. the loss caused by the loss. In this case, only the original damage is covered.

    Mandatory deduction amounts cannot be claimed by the insurer. This means a fixed amount that is reduced when taking a bike or scooter claim.
    Types of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Policies
    There are two types of two wheeler insurance policies of Reliance.

    One is the package policy and the other is the third party liability only policy.

    Third party liability only policy is mandated by law. It covers the damage done to a third party or his vehicle by an insured vehicle. The third party can claim the loss of two wheeler like a four wheeler. But an insured person cannot take a claim for the damage done to his vehicle or himself.

    The Package Policy is a Comprehensive Insurance Plan which includes all aspects of the Third Party Liability Only Policy as well as the features of the General Insurance Plan.

     Therefore, it is called a package policy. Under this plan, the insured person gets protection against all kinds of damage or damage to himself or the vehicle.

    Benefits of reliance two wheeler insurance

    The initial features available in the policy are:
    Purchased policies efficiently and easily. Customers have the facility to buy the plan online. Therefore, you can buy policies online and pay premiums using Paytm, NetBanking and plastic cards.

    The paper work involved in buying the policy is very well organized. So there is no hassle or delay in getting your vehicle insured.

    There are no deficiencies or problems in the claim settlement process. It is easy and damages and damages are repaid immediately.

    Cashless claims are available on garages that are part of the company's exclusive garage network that the company has selected.

    The premium is calculated with the help of the vehicle's insured declared value. Different service providers calculate the IDV of vehicles in different ways. So the premium may be different in different companies. The amount of premium calculated is in direct proportion to the insured declared value.

    reliance two wheeler insurance Extra cover

    It is possible to make a policy according to your need and budget. The basic features of the policy can be extended by adding some more features to the policy. Of course additional premium is required to get such additional features.

    So two optional additional covers that can be added to the policy are

    Neal Depreciation Cover:
    By increasing the premium amount a little more, you can take additional cover of the Neal Depreciation Policy. This is in relation to zero deduction based on policy depreciation. This means the insured's claim will be paid in full without any deduction. In the case of a large claim, in which the claim amount may be very high, this feature can prove to be very beneficial.

    The features of this cover are -
    Vehicle parts made of rubber, nylon or fiberglass will be covered.

    Coverage is also available for vehicles that are two years old or less.

    Rubber accessories such as tubes and tires are not covered under this additional cover.
    Theft claims and constructive total loss are not covered.
    Payment is made only if the vehicle is repaired in one of the network garages fixed by the company.

    Spare parts of the vehicle that are not approved by the insurer will be thrown away and will not be included in the terms of the insurance.

    Personal Accident Bundle Cover
    This policy provides financial protection in the event of death or permanent total disability. Claims are accepted regardless of where the accident occurred or who was driving the vehicle.

    The amount of the claim may vary depending on the amount of damage.

    The capital invested is Rs 5 lakh.
    In case of death or permanent total disability, loss of sight of two eyes or loss of two limbs or loss of sight of one eye and loss of one limb, 100% compensation is done. There is a 50% compensation for loss of sight or loss of a limb.

    It is very important to get an additional cover as it is not part of any original insurance cover.

    how to renewal bike insurance, so first know these things

    Bike insurance is going to be renewal,  first know these things

     If you too are going to renewal your bike insurance policy, then keep some things in mind.  Know what to do and what not to do in such times
    how to renewal bike insurance, so first know these things

    Know these things before renewal bike insurance

     Buying bike insurance can be easy, but renewing an insurance policy is sometimes a big task.  If you too are going to renewal your bike insurance policy, then keep a few things in mind.  Know what to do and what not to do in such times.

     Renew policy on time

    First of all, never wait till your policy is over.  In India driving without insurance or with expired insurance is a legal offense.  Always be updated about your renewal. dech Get renewal till expiry date.  Never ignore incoming calls or messages from your insurance in this regard.

     Please review the renewal's time payment,
    While renewal the policy, it would be good to review your payment and charge once.  Maybe you are paying more, or you are getting a more affordable policy from another company.  Never renew an old policy just because of this because your company has put an option in front of you and it is easy to pay online.

     Choose the correct IDV
    Insured Declared Value is the total sum, which is found in the cover.  You get this cover if your bike is stolen or lost.  IDV is determined by calculating the recent price of your bike in the market and depreciation from the year purchased.  The higher the IDV, the more premium you have to pay.  But never choose a low IDV for a low premium.  The IDV should be such that it can compensate when needed.

     Take the necessary add-on covers
     You can modify it by taking add-on covers in your bike insurance policy.  In this you will get the cover on passenger insurance, apart from bike insurance, zero depreciation cover, accessories cover, etc.  It will not be a part of the main policy but it will increase the value of the policy

    9 important reasons to insure your small business

    Insurance of small business is not mandatory in India, but it is definitely required.  If you have not insured your business yet, you are putting your business in danger.  Fear of danger is high for small businesses, where 40% of the people do not get a chance to start their business again if once closed.
    9 important reasons to insure your small business
    On the other hand, insuring your business enables you to face unforeseen problems such as financial losses.  Sometimes you will not be able to bear such loss alone.  Whether you work from home or from office, as a small business owner it is very important if you have good business insurance.

     9 important reasons to insure your small business

     1) Natural disasters can end your small business at any time.

    Your place of business can be destroyed due to natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami.

     If you have insured your business, then it helps you to compensate the loss due to all these natural disasters.

     2) You may face heavy losses due to theft or robbery.

     Due to theft from your cash counter or locker, you can suffer deep damage.  This can cause your business to close almost or even completely.

     Under the insurance of a good business, your cash, physical assets such as computers, furniture, etc. are completely safe.

     3) Due to negligence in business, you may have to face troubles.

    If you fail to provide proper service to your customer, then you may face hatred on the part of the customers, who may also refuse to pay you.

     Under some business insurance, you can protect the loss arising out of such negligence.

     Business insurance takes care of losses caused by failure and negligence in providing service.

     4) Your business may be prosecuted due to the failure of your worker or his death.

    It can be very dangerous if one of your workers gets stabbed or dies at the time of work.  It is not just about letting the worker get compensation if the family members of the worker can file a lawsuit against you.  Due to these reasons, it is mandatory to insure business in many countries, especially abroad.

     Insurance companies protect workers' expenses and expenses due to illness.  It also takes care of all the legal expenses that have to be incurred by the workers' family from filing a lawsuit.

     Your workers also consider themselves as mehfus due to insurance.

     5) Due to the riots, your place of business may be spoiled.

    Businesses located in the city are more likely to get ambushed in the rioting environment in the state.  If your business is not insured, then the burden of loss falls completely on you.

     Due to good business insurance, you can get your loss well repaired or changed.

     6) Due to interference in business you may face a lot of financial loss.

    Many times due to natural calamities or due to riots, your workers do not come to the office, it interferes with business and your income is lost.

     In such situations business insurance helps you to make up for the loss.

     7) Due to some disputes you may have to go to court.

    In business, it is quite common to have disputes with your customers, tip-tacks with vendors.  Sometimes the dispute can be so big that you may have to seek the help of the court.

     Due to insurance, the expenses incurred in the court can be taken care of, otherwise all the expenses have to be borne by the owner alone.

     8) There may be an accident with the vehicle used for commercial purposes.

    In India, it is mandatory to have insurance for all vehicles used for commercial purposes.

     Due to insurance under the vehicle policy, the vehicle or driver gets protection from unforeseen losses such as accident, fire and all these things.

     9) Debtors, customers, or banks you can trust.

    Due to the insurance of the business, the customers, debtors, all believe that their money is safe.  Insurance increases people's trust in the company.  Later, the company grows due to all these reasons.

     Insurance not only helps your company in critical situation but also makes your company more reliable.

     Overall, as the owner for all the losses, expenses of legal proceedings, and everything else due to lack of insurance, you alone have to compensate them.  Depends on how much financial loss you may suffer and that it can prove to be very expensive for you.  The conclusion of all this is that you should have a good insurance policy that protects you from all kinds of losses

    Why buy health insurance policy? 4 important reasons

    Many people save well. They also invest continuously. Despite this, they do not consider health policy necessary. The reason for this is that as long as everything is going well in life, we do not feel the need for mediclaim. However, there is no inference about health.
    buy health insurance policy
    buy health insurance policy
    Sickness does not knock the bell. Many times a person gets a lot of his savings when he suddenly falls ill. Mediclaim proves to be very helpful for you in this type of situation. Therefore every person should take mediclaim. Let's try to know more about it.

    What is health insurance?

    health insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company. In this, you pay a premium and instead the insurance company gives you the expenses of treatment according to the amount already fixed in case of any illness.

    Let us tell you what are the health insurance policy benefits?

    1. Low premium
    If you are young and physically fit, then you get a health policy at a very nominal premium. When your age increases, there is a risk of deteriorating health, according to that the premium of health policy also increases.

    2.Income Tax Savings
    On paying the premium of a health policy, you are able to save income tax on the premium of Rs 25000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

    3. No waiting period
    Most health policies have a waiting period. Meaning, after purchasing a health policy, you cannot claim to get the money for the treatment of the disease for a few days. The waiting period is generally 30 days. If you take a health policy at a young age, you will no longer need to complete the formalities of the waiting period.

    When you need to claim the amount for treatment in a health policy, by then your period will be over.

    4. Chop interference
    If you buy health policy, you will be able to live a life without worry. If you find out that you have a disease and you will go to get a health policy then it can be difficult to buy a health policy at that time. You can take a health policy while being healthy.

    In fact, in today's age, health policy is as important as everything else. If you go to an advisor to make a financial plan, then they advise you to buy a life and health insurance policy first. It helps in treating your illness without touching your savings made according to the financial goal.

    Health policy Choose not to close your eyes. Focus on all the options, compare the premium and choose a better health policy for yourself.
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